Sunday, April 30, 2006

A couple more Journals

I finished a couple more journals today. They're not listed yet, but look for them soon at Heathertoes Handmade.

As you can see, this one is "Strokin" by Clarence Carter. I'm actually quite fond of this one, as the cover of the single was so interesting. With the skeleton and all. Don't really get it, but.. yeah. The specs on this one are pretty much the same as all the other journals- 80 pages, hand-sewn and bound, the size of a regular cassette tape from back in the day. I've got more on the table but it's hard to find the right kind of cassete cases and I haven't been able to figure out how to make it look good with the regular cassette cases rather than the singles- singles are just better for journal making.

Next up we have "Cold Hearted" by the wonderful Paula Abdul, of late American Idol fame... hee hee. I like how wonderfully early 90s this one is with the big hair and stuff.. again, 80 pages, hand-sewn and bound, size of a cassete tape.

Both are sold for $8 each plus shipping, so if you want one and I don't have them listed over at Heathertoes Handmade yet, feel free to comment to let me know.

Friday, April 28, 2006

New Journal

KLF Journal

Buy my crap

I am vaguely annoyed. oh, but first, I got another order from Gudonya today, and it is great. OK, so the apple and butterscotch lip smoothies aren't that good (I'm going to stick with vanilla mint next time methinks), but I can give those away, and the "Irresistible" soap is amazingly.. irresistible. They also sent me a free gift for being their 500th customer, so I got some "So Delicious" solid perfume (based on the "Be Delicious" scent), and it's wonderful. I'm glad they sent it to me because I was actually planning on buying it but now I don't have to until I run out. Yay!

ANYWAY. I am annoyed. I don't really know why, I'm just annoyed in general and pissed off at the world. I have so much work... I'm working on it. Yuck. Yuck yuck yuck. I should probably think about my paper tonight but I'm too goddamned tired. I'm tempted to go to bed right now.

I got some other stuff in the mail (I made out like a bandit today). I got a promoblock from Story Blox, and 2 pendants from mLee, plus some really nice yarn from Castleman. I'm pleased. But like I said.. tired out, and frustrated with school, and behind in my work, and wondering how I'm going to fit it all in. I'm having a supremely hard time focusing. God damn it.

Plus I am already itching to make another order from Gudonya. I need to stop. Okay, I don't *really* need to stop, but I need to wait till I get my paycheck so I can stop paying with Jeremy's money, and also, I need to focus more on crafting for going away presents and shit.

Buy my Crap.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

ALL-4-ONE "I swear" journal

Well, I've actually made three journals now, but I've only got pictures of 2 so far- the Macarena one sold already! Sweet! Go me! Now i've got an ALL-4-ONE "I Swear" journal up...

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The usual. The pic links to the listing, if you're interested.. buy it. If not, enjoy my awesomeness. As always, Cornellians get Free Shipping (AKA Free home Delivery!).


If, for some GOD AWFUL reason, you guys have myspace, here's my myspace and could you please add me?

I'm collecting friends. But I definitely don't like it.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Stuff!

So, I've got a new project going. Ever since I bought a less-than-wonderful journal made from the insert from a Cassette case, I've been wanting to make my own. So I bought some cassettes off ebay (I know now that singles apparently make better cases because of their unique packaging but I am working on adapting the other kinds), and started work. I didn't finish last night, but I did have some scraps lying around... so First I made a sketchbook.

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Its very tiny, as you can see, and it's just made from some leftover paper before I figured out how to best cut the copy paper to get the most out of it for the cassette journal size. Today I glued the Journal, which I made from a "Macarena" single.

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Both are for sale in My Shop, and if you click the photos they take you to the listings. You know, just in case you're interested. Also, if you have any cassettes you'd like to donate to my cause... email me ;) cimorenegal at I can always use materials. Right now I'm really looking for cassette singles- the kind without the plastic wallet thing, but I'll figure out how to use those in my projects soon enough.

OH, and if you're a cornell buddy.. you get free shipping ;)

Monday, April 24, 2006

Baby Ami Has a Face

I got to the store yesterday (my dad came to visit) and got some "eyes," felt, and embroidery floss for the faces of my amigurumis. Unfortunately they didn't have the type of eyes I wanted, but in hindsight that is probably a good thing because those particular kinds of eyes would have been a pain to get on an already assembled amigurumi.

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Isn't he adorable? I sewed the muzzle on a tiny bit lopsided so this one isn't getting sold- it will be a going away gift for someone here. I just haven't decided yet who. I don't think I want to give my roommate an amigurumi, but then again, maybe I will... I hate her guts when it comes to roommate stuff (bitch was making noise again this morning.. grr), but still... I don't hate her that badly. Ah well. We shall have to see.

I'm working on a little white kitten right now. I think I know who's getting that one ;)

Ohh, and if anyone's interested, I've got a gorgeous SHAWL on my Etsy Shop. Thanks to Emily for being my lovely model.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

More Soap Promo

Okay, you guys, I know you're going to be really sick of me raving about Gudonya but I can't help it. I took another shower with the soap last night and I absolutely adore it. So much that I bought some lip smoothies and some manly scented floap last night becuase I was itching to spend money and I wanted some more gudonya stuff. Mmmmm.

I also bought some soap from Unique Dsign because I promised her I'd try it and she was having a sale (buy one get one free). I picked up some loofah soap and some 'diva dazzle' mica makeup stuff. Should be fun.

Now I really need to NOT spend money though. I'm spending Jeremy's money, and I know that is bad.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Soap Love

I bought some "Floap" from Gudonya at Etsy and I will never buy another kind of soap again. The lather is amazing, the soap itself is light (becuase it floats, hence the name, Floap), and I got the peppermint kind which is just LOADED with peppermint. I'm in love. It's all I can do to not hop in the shower RIGHT NOW and just lather up with it. Wow.

I'm so tempted to just buy and buy and buy and buy, but I must restrain myself until I get things deposited in the bank and make some sales... So if you're interested, I've got stuff for sale at My Shop. ;) ;)

2 socks, 1 blocker

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Finally finished my aunt's Karaoke socks. They came out really good, but the yarn was a pain in the butt when it came to doing the sewn bind off (the single untwisted and came apart on the first one) and I was a little upset by the fact that I had to make the socks a bit shorter than I would have liked becuase the skein that ended the sock with the blue stripe on top had been broken very near the middle and then went straight to a purple color so I couldn't just reattach it. Very annoying.

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Now I just need to felt her bag and then I can send her a package along with some of the icky Orange Spearmint lotion bars I got. Maybe she will like spearmint better than me.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dress Arrived

In non-crafting news, my dress has arrived, and I have tried it on. As long as I do not gain an inordinate amount of weight between now and then, it fits PERFECTLY. Which is really nice.

I didn't get into teach for america, though, so now I am kind of lost as to what I am going to do. But who knows, maybe my crafting business will take off.

Amigurumi Progress

Well, I'm pretty much finished with my first completed amigurumi, but I have to do the face still- which I can't do until I have some decent eyes. I am crocheting another one right now that I think I am going to make a little white cat, so I need to find some blue cat eyes for it. This is very addicting, but I think these might sell well or at the very least make good gifts for my friends when I leave. I still haven't decided if I want to give them to friends as gifts or sell them in my shop. Damnit!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Faceless Front

Image hosting by Photobucket
Back- little tail!

How cute? I know!!!!! Excuse the semi-crappy photography- my friends at Etsy insisted that I show them so I took a couple quick ones.

Anywho, check out my Etsy Store for destashing goodness.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Secret Pal 8

Secret Pal 8

Just signed up. You all should too :D

Destashing Yarn Sale

Hey everyone, I'm destashing so I'm having a huge yarn sale at Heathertoes Handmade.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dressy Goodness

My dress for the Senior Formal has shipped! Yay! This means I will have something to wear to the Queer Prom as well. Sweetness.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The Black Apple

The Black Apple is eating my money. Seriously. I love this girl soo much and now she throws that at me? WHHYYY! I've already bought three prints from her and now this?! EVIL!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Handspun Revolution

So, I don't know if I mentioned it before, but on a whim a couple weeks ago I went ahead and bought Handspun Revolution off Amazon, because I felt like getting a new book and I had the cash lying around. It came in the mail yesterday.

All I can say is.. uh... wow. SO not worth the $40 retail price. I know a lot of this high price is because it's 'vanity press' publishing, so it's not coming from a huge publisher, it's not going to sell a lot, etc etc etc, but the book is seriously the size of a trade paperback and it only has 63 pages. I gotta say.. not impressive. The techniques in the book are great, don't get me wrong; the content is good. It's just not worth $40.

Then again, that's what I've found in general of Pluckyfluff. I'm not knocking her, I swear, but the prices are just too high, even though they are likely reasonable with the amount of time she must spend on things.... But it's just too much to pay for so little yarn. Yarn that really isn't made to be knit up anyway. It's fun to look at, and I can't beat her great photography skills... But for me, it just isn't reasonable. It looks cool, but I would probably never knit with it and... just.... ugh.

All in all I'm really disappointed overall, but very grateful that amazon only charged me $27 for the book. Definitely not something I would buy for $40.

On top of that, people who sell handspun yarn are always saying "Oh, there is enough for a scarf here" or something to that effect, when really, there isn't. Maybe enough for a scarflette, but not a scarf. Ugh.

Cirque du Socks 2

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Well, I finished the knitting on my aunt's felted bag and now all I have to do is felt it. I'm going to do that tomorrow maybe, while I'm at work. But now I'm working on Cirque du Socks pair number 2 using SWTC Karaoke in a really pretty purple and blue color. Can't wait till I finish them so I can start on my rainbow socks for MEEEEE!!

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As you can see I'm not incredibly far on them but I'm going to be taking them with me to class and I always have them by the computer so I'll probably make some good progress this week. Maybe I'll even finish them. That'd be sweet- then I can send the package to my aunt with her socks, her bag, and possible one of my lotion bars I just got in the mail since it turns out I don't like the sweet orange mint as much as I thought. I knew she had used spearmint, but I forgot how distinctly spearmint was scented and how I didn't like it. Ah well.

Oh yeah, then there's all that homework I have to do...