Wednesday, August 29, 2007


They got Dream in Color Smooshy Sock in stock over at The Loopy Ewe.

I'm broke so I only got 2 skeins but I am praying that when we have money again next week she will still have some. I'm not hopeful, but still.. one can hope. I got Spring Tickle & Visual Purple. I'm so excited!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yarn Buyage

I just bought some Kauni EQ and a shawl pattern. Actually, I might not make a shawl but it comes free so..

This does not count against my diet at all. It's.. pretty much.. sock yarn. Yeah. Really pretty sock yarn that I might even use for socks.


The money I made from those knittens is draining away really quickly, lol.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Some knitting is getting done..

First, a project coming out of retirement
Ruffly Stuff

Ruffly Stuff

I don't really know what It's going to be, it's really more just for me to play with the yarn so I might just have it around for inspiration or something. From that Linie stuff with the ruffles like the yarn harlot used for that awesome orange scarf.

Ravenclaw Ribby Socks

Again, for anyone who doesn't remember, they are KnitPicks Gloss & KnitPicks Palette. I'm feeling all accomplished and stuff now. Just got the leg part left to go.

After I finish these socks I'm on to the pi shawl I started ages ago.. or I might have to knit more for the HSKS3 Swap.. lol. Yay.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Not much knitting getting done..

But I fixed the sock
The Mended Hole

It's still a bit depressing, because the sock obviously isn't the same.. but.. it's mended, it's wearable. I'm hoping I don't have moths or anything (believe me I'm stalking) and that I just snagged it on something (I feel like there would be more holes or something if it was moths). But still, can you say HEARTBROKEN?

I'm resting my hands after having to do all the knittens. They have been finished and shipped and now I have money in paypal burning a hole in my "pocket." I kind of want to buy the Cher collector barbie dolls.. but you know how that is.

Anyhow, that was it for my quick update. I'm still enjoying my chocolate from SP, and STILL needing to get together the first package for my SP, lol.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Miscellaneous Stuff- SP & Socks

Flashing my Stash for SP11

So, remember my Koigu Super Saver Socks? My wonderful lovely socks that I love SOOOOOO much.


A nasty surprise

I'm so upset. I was wearing them yesterday and they were FINE and I don't remember snagging them on anything.. and these holes just appear outta nowhere?! WTF!! The hole's on the TOP! So they aren't worn out!

*Sigh* I have some koigu in the same colorway so I'm going to be able to mend them but I'm annoyed because they'll never be the same.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Secret Pally Stuff

Well, it wasn't totally a surprise. I knew it was coming. But I was happy it came today, because I was certainly feeling a bit down about things.

Secret Pal 11 Package 1

Secret Pal 11 Package 1

I got a copy of the ORIGINAL 30-Minute Meals book by Rachel Ray, a bar of single-origin dark chocolate (YUM) and a yummy yummy skein of Araucania sock yarn in a gorgeous purply-green colorway. I love it. Can't wait to knit with it. I have too many sock projects planned! Thank you, SP.

Now I just need to get a package for my own SP going.

And to top it off I'm asking for gift certificates from The Loopy Ewe and Blue Moon Fiber Arts for my birthday. There will be a post-Sept 12 sock yarn stock up. I can feel it.


I will be happy if I never have to sew up another god damned knitten ever again!

Too bad I have a bunch of knitted ones sitting around that I actually need to do nothing more for but sew up.

*sigh* I was supposed to have all this finished yesterday and I would have but I didn't feel like doing it so now I have to force myself to do it and get everything sent out tomorrow. Jeremy isn't going to like me, either. Too bad, he'll have to send international post. Assuming that after I finish them I get payment.. yeah.

In other news, it is a delicious 44 degrees here. I love cold. I even got to put on my Koigu Super Saver Socks for the first time in ages. Yay!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wanting Sock Yarn


So, Jeremy and I are broke. I helped buy him a laptop for his birthday, so all my money had to go to that. So we're broke. On top of this I'm working night and day on these damned knittens that I have to have done and ready to ship by Tuesday night. I'm actually doing pretty well on the knittens I've got 4 more head pieces to make then I just need to sew them up & figure out the wires. Totally worth it for the money I'll make, but also frustrating because..

I wanna knit socks.

And I want to buy sock yarn. NICE sock yarn. I am DYING for some Dream in Color Smooshy Sock. But it's out of stock in every color I would like. I want to go nuts at Blue Moon Fiber Arts and buy some STR... Hell, I want koigu too. I wanna go nuts on stuff at The Loopy Ewe. I want SOCKIES!

*tries to calm* Why is it that I never want to go shopping when I have money?

PS: Sorry to anyone who is also broke. I know I'm being whiny. Just bear with me for now.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pattern: Dice Bag

Knitted bag for Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap

Hogwarts House Colors Drawstring Bag

This bag is VERY adaptable and I'm not going to write the numbers of exactly what I did, mostly because I can't tell you! There will be very few hard and fast numbers in this pattern, so just do it- it'll turn out nice in the end no matter what as long as you follow my simple instructions.

-2 skeins KnitPicks Merino Style in your choice of House Colors (1 of each color)* (shown here in Gryffindor- Hollyberry [MC] & Harvest [CC])
-US 3 DPNS (sef of 5 best)
Darning Needle

note: first section of the bag is worked back and forth. I use the DPNS but if you prefer you can use straights

Decide which color will be your Main Color (MC) and your Contrasting Color (CC). In the bag shown I've used Hollyberry as the MC and Harvest as the CC.

Using MC, CO 29 sts
Row 1-?: K1, P1 across.
Work this pattern (seed stitch) until the bottom looks approximately square (or whatever other shape you'd like your bag to be)

Once you've finished working the bottom of the bag, it's time to bring the other DPNs into play & switch to circular knitting. Pick up stitches along the other 3 sides. Use one dpn for each side.

Next, we're going to knit a round with the MC. You should increase a bit- I did about 4 stitches at each corner, and make sure that your final number of stitches is divisible by 2- this is important! (If you want to make your job really easy, make this number divisible by 12, too)

On the next row, we start the color pattern (work this loosely! Any unevenness will be remedied in blocking, and we want to minimize how much color pattern "pulls in" as much as possible!):
Join CC
Bag Round 2: K1 with MC, K1 with CC, cont around.
Rounds 3-?: Repeat Round 2
note: Use your preferred method of Fair Isle for this, but make sure to be consistent. One color will be raised slightly out from the bag over the other one, and make sure you keep carrying the colors the same way so that the raised color does not change. So if you knit with the MC in your left hand and CC in your right hand, do that for the entire bag.

Continue in the color pattern for 5 inches or so, shorter or longer if you want. Break off MC and knit 2 rnds with CC.

Border and Drawstring Area:
With CC, Purl 2 Rounds
Knit 2 Rnds
Now it's time to make the holes: Take your total number of stitches and divide by 12. Subtract 2 from that number. We'll call that number "G"
Eyelet Row: (K "G" stithces, YO, K2tog) Repeat instructions in () until end of row
K2 Rnds
P2 Rnds
K2 Rnds
Bind Off

Weave in all your ends, and now we'll make the "Icord" for the drawstrings. While you're making the Icords you'll want to give your bag a quick soak in wool wash (or even just water) and then strech and block it over something to give it a more "Square" look and to also pull out the fair isle section so that it looks more even and also comes closer to the size of the border, which will be a little looser than the fair isle section due to it not being pulled in by the yarn carrying across the back. Let that dry while being blocked over a form (I used the end of one of those FridgePak soda 12-packs with a bag over it).

I-cord Drawstring (Make 1 in each Color):
With DPN, CO 2 Sts
K2 sts, slide knitting back to beginning of needle, K2 sts
Continue until your icord is "long enough" (12" for me but you can make it longer, shorter, etc)
Draw yarn through the 2 loops on needle and use darning needle to weave through the bag eyelets, then secure the 2 ends together in chosen method (I prefer to try and sew them so they look vaguely seamless)

Repeat this process with the other color. Make sure you weave the second icord in from the other side, so that the 2 strings will come out of 2 sides of the bag as shown in the photo. This means that you can pull on the 2 sides and the bag will close nicely.

* Recommended House Colors of Merino Style:
Gryffindor: Hollyberry & Harvest
Hufflepuff: Crocus & Coal
Ravenclaw (book): Storm & Cinnamon (this may be a bit dark for your bronze tastes, if so, you can substitute Andean Silk in Navy and Mustard (mustard is a REALLY good bronze)
Ravenclaw (movie): Storm & Fog
Slytherin: Moss & Fog

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pattern. You can use the bag for carrying Dice, knitting supplies, or whatever you want. You can knit it smaller or bigger, use a different pattern on the bottom (I prefer seed stitch, though) use a different yarn, really, it's pretty adaptable. This was adapted from my original Knitted Dice bag pattern.

I decided to write this pattern out for the Hogwarts Sock Swap 2 contest.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Socks Put on Hold

Quick bloggy before work.

The ravenclaw socks have been put on hold because I got an Etsy order for some jumbo-sized knittens that someone needs ASAP. So no sock knitting today, just knitten knitting until I get them finished. I'll post pics here when I do finish them- the person is having me put wires inside to make them poseable.

I can't say I'm looking forward to marathon knitting six jumbo-sized knittens but they'll be cute anyhow.

For now, off to work I go.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Miscellaneous Stuff

I'm not getting much done. My Grandfather died on Monday evening and I've been successfully avoiding any actual emotion over it because I'm in Montana and my entire family is in New York. I feel terrible but I can't get out there. With Jeremy's parents wanting to force us to move out, it's.. We can't afford it. On top of this, you only get 3 days bereavement leave from N.E.W. and they told me that anything longer would have to be treated as a leave of absence and they would only approve it if service levels worked. SO, even if I could afford it, I could not go. I'm pissed, overall.

Ravenclaw Ribbed Sock Progress

I'd say I'm about halfway done with the foot. These, of course, are going slower than my last pair for the Hogwarts Sock Swap, because I'm using actual sock weight yarn instead of the DK I was using last time. They're also a little bit more boring, but they're coming out great. I love KnitPicks Gloss so much, it's a joy to knit with and it looks really nice.

Also, I did a little bit of cross stitch on Tuesday..
8-Bit Bookmark
Adorable, no?

Anyway.. I'm feeling pretty down so.. meh. We'll see what goes on. My back is hurting, And.. yeah.