Saturday, February 25, 2006

Crafty Ideas

Yesterday in my "Hands On Horticulture" class we did freestyle drawing or whatever it was called. I know very little about drawing in general, but I do know a little bit so I guess you could call what I draw passable, though far from perfect. Anyway, what really got me was the guy they brought in to teach the class. He must be around 80, but he seemed really cool and he sketches with the same level of habit that I knit. I mean, he ALWAYS keeps things with him so he can sketch. He smokes a pipe, so he gets matchbooks that don't have writing on the inside, and he carries around matchbooks to do sketches in. He makes little sketchpads to carry in his pocket. I mean, how cool is that? Someone who just goes around and sketches whatever he sees whenever he feels like it!

Anyway, it gave me an idea for something to make and possibly sell on my etsy shop once I get things up there. I've got a bunch of 3.5" floppy disks around which would be perfect for making covers for little sketchpads, and also I think I can get a bunch of scrap paper from the library and make recycled sketchpads. It'd be very indie and a good reuse of old materials, so I'm a bit excited about the whole prospect. Since I finished the Knitting Olympics today, I'm going to work on a prototype while I do research for one of my classes. I've got a debate thingie to do on Tuesday so I've gotta research Integrated Fruit Production.

Anyhow, I'm off to do a little bit of cleaning up in my room, and then I'll probably work on a prototype recycled sketchbook and post some photos here. Cya!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


So, this being my first post on this blog, i figure I shall introduce myself. I'm Bronwyn, and currently I'm a senior at Cornell University. I'll be graduating May 29 and I honestly have NO idea what I am going to do other than the fact that I may quite possibly be joining Teach For America, which is a branch of Americorps. However, I am not exactly confident about my chances of being accepted.

Aside from that, i'm engaged to a wonderful boy who currently lives in Montana, and the only certain thing right now is that we will finally be together for good after I graduate from here. When I'm not doing my massive amounts of schoolwork, I am spending time knitting, and am currently working on an Irish Diamond Shawl for the knitting olympics.