Thursday, July 31, 2008

Miscellaneous Stuff

Well, I think I'm just going to go ahead and get a Schact Ladybug as my first wheel. I will learn to spin on it and I can get something more comfortable later (once I, I dunno.. sell off some fiber to fund my spinning habit? woe is me) if it isn't the best wheel for me. I've been feeling incredibly bad about spending money lately but I think this is one of those "now or never" situations and I know that if I don't buy the wheel now, then when my money runs out I'm going to wish I had.

In other news, I found this cool project. It's a tutorial on how to make wool dryer balls using leftover feltable yarns- the dryer balls supposedly take away the need for fabric softener or dryer sheets. I've got bits of leftover wool lying around that I'm not able to do anything with so I think that they'll be quite cool- I'll make one or two, maybe. We'll see. But a good idea, I think.

Anyway.. I'm gonna go take a bath and then maybe sleep. Or maybe just stay up until Jeremy gets online again. Maybe start some socks with the pink/brown yarn I have. I'm in such a weird mood- I want to knit like 100 things but I can't seem to get anything started! Insane!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Productive few days

First, the knitting.

A couple Sock Blocker Keychains (From The Loopy Ewe:
The last Sock Keychain Sock Blocker keychain

And A pair of socks in Patons Classic Merino for my dad:

Sock 1 of 2 complete

I got my Sock Blanks from KnitPicks, along with a starter kit of dyes, and I had a little fun yesterday. It wasn't terribly messy and the Jacquard dyes are most certainly more vivid than, well, koolaid- turned out well.

Rainbow Sock Blank

Secret Message Sock Blank
These are for Jeremy. When they're knitted up you can't read the message but it's STILL THERE.

All in all I've been pretty productive, though I'm kinda stuck at the moment because there are too many projects I want to make.