Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rippin' it..


So the project monogamy problem is still here. I've got no less than 4 projects within arms reach right now. Lol.

I abandoned my original idea for the mitten swap. The cables I was doing (2 stitch rope cables) were getting lost in the garter stitch. Have I ever mentioned that I really dislike garter stitch as a background for cables? It just doesn't make them POP as well as reverse stockinette. Garter stitch is so textural all by itself that it just doesn't work for me. Weird, isn't it? How different garter stitch really is from reverse stockinette. Anyway, I didn't actually rip back, I just slipped the 1/2 inch of cuff I had off the needles, cut the yarn, and started over with a regular 2x2 ribbing with the twisted rope cables on the right side ribs.

Much better. This particular color of KnitPicks Gloss doesn't really show the texture so well right now- or, well, moreso what it does is magnifies the texture of the reverse stockinette. It's kind of interesting, but annoying.

Sometime today I'm going to run into the bedroom and dig out my gryffindor-colored worsted weight yarn and get started on the bag for HSKS3. I got a note from Amazon today saying that my order with my Secret Pal's book in it had been lost in the mail so I'm vaguely annoyed by this.. I'm thinking I'm going to just send a skein or two of nice yarn and put the book in the next package but I'm annoyed with that too. Bleck. Ah well.

My ballwinder may be breaking.. and I'm a little worried about it. The handle has started to make a disturbing squeak when I turn it. I'm going to be very upset if it breaks when I just got it on the 15th! Seriously!

Anyway.. off to knit. I have too much to do. And I just remembered I had promised to send my aunt some baby stuff for her church bazaar.. I don't know if she's going to still want them (if she's feeling up to the bazaar after my grandfather dying) but I figure sending some stuff might motivate her and I know that the bazaar would do her good.. so we'll see.

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