Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lacking in Project Monagamy

I'm suffering from an extreme lack of project monogamy right now. I've got up to the end of the second clue for Scherherazade's Slippers and my other set of US2 circs is currently held up with the pi shawl I never finished due to other things getting in the way (read: sock and sock kit swaps) so I don't really want to start the other sock yet, since it would involve too much hassle... I'm starting on the mittens for the mitten swap I'm doing.. I'm not entirely sure I'm happy with the result but we shall have to see. I didn't really want to do fair isle but I don't feel like devising my own cabled pattern and I don't have the right weight/color of yarn to make the aran mittens in folk mittens right now..

So that's where we are. Because I'm not entirely happy with the mittens I started tonight and because I'm feeling guilty, I've started another pair of Christine's Booties for Elijah (not even born yet and I'm already obsessing).

Every time I look at my WIPs on Ravelry it just gets to me.. y'know? Ah well.. off to do secret projects.

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