Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me....

Birthday present

This is what I bought with my birthday present (a gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts. From the left the colorways are: Lunasea, Sugarplums, Tanzanite, Thistle, Lagoon (silkie), Lucy.

It's all I can do to keep from starting to knit with it today.. OMG.

Though the colors aren't quite as vibrant as I was expecting (except for thistle, the green in thistle is way more lime than I expected!!), I still love them. I really want to start knitting right away but I have way too much stuff to finish.. baby booties, mittens, a bag for my swap pal.. all that stuff. Yeah. Lots to do.

Be jealous if you want. Just keep in mind I'm not allowed to buy any more yarn (ESPECIALLY SOCK) until I.. knit some of the stuff I have already. I really ought to stash-bust with some stuff for my aunt's bazaar. And maybe some mittens to donate to the thingie they do at work in winter. We'll see. I'm really a selfish knitter at heart.

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