Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Yarn


Ok guys, I'll admit it- I've not bought from this person yet- I only just found them. But they're having a contest and their product is TOTALLY worthy so go check it out. For reals, yo. It looks like good stuff.

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JC said...

You're comment on my blog really hit a chord. I'm a college student in the south that hails from outside of Albany, and the fall is the time when I miss it dearly. You said one of the things you miss most is the apples, and I find that is the thing that I get homesick for the most. For me, it's McIntosh Apples. My family goes picking every year, but I've been missing out. Each year I have my mother send be McIntoshes because I miss them so much. I miss the whole process- going to pick the apples, making home made applesauce, cider, and cider doughnuts. I miss them so badly!

So I just wanted to say that you struck a big chord, and I hope to have you come visit my blog in the future.