Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday!

Over the last week or so the birthday presents Jeremy bought for me and that I bought for myself have been trickling in- I got the present from his mom today.

A $100 gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts!!!!!

Okay, so I spent way more than $100 on myself but still, I figured they'd give me MAYBE $50, I didn't expect that much, so I'm definitely happy.

I spent about 1.5 hrs trying to decide what to get, and I ended up getting STR in the following colors: Sugarplums, Lunasea, Lucy, Thistle, Tanzanite & some Silkie in Lagoon. I went over the $100 a bit but still, I knew that would happen- And I don't mind. I would have gone over paying for shipping anyhow so the extra $19 for another skein of STR Lightweight was worth it.

I can't wait till it gets here!

Anyway, I've finished both of the booties and now I'm just doing some 2-stitch Icords for the ties. I love two-stitch icords- they are SO MUCH BETTER.

OH, also, my Kauni came from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions a couple days ago. It's entirely unremarkable in the ball that they have it in because you can't really see the stripeyness- I'm thinking about rewinding it when I get my swift and ballwinder (another birthday present.. I hope they come today). Just so I can see the stripey colors all in the cake..

Speaking of cake, I had some this weekend but I want more now.

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