Saturday, September 08, 2007

Birthday Goodness

So, my birthday is coming up on Wednesday. Yay VIRGOS. Anyway, I'm slowly getting some of my birthday stuff because there are three September (early September at that) birthdays in the house.. So today we had our celebration. A nice autumn colored cake with lots of frosting flowers (what can I say, I REALLY like frosting flowers). I got a copy of the newest Sims 2 expansion, which won't play on Jeremy's new compy for some godawful reason (sigh), but which I'll install on his older compy and play there since my poor lappy is NOT doing well enough.

But, also, I got a loopy Ewe Package:

More Smooshy Sock Yarn
First, I spent a bunch of birthday monies on some more Dream in Color, because Sheri got some more in stock. I'm done, though. Seriously. DONE. I can't buy any more of this stuff.. Too much. Also I will be destashing on Etsy soon.

Tiny Sock on a Keychain

Tiny Sock on a Keychain
I also picked up a tiny sock blocker Keychain, and knitted a sock for it out of some extra yarn that was included in my order to make a "Red sock." I liked it better for the blocker, hee hee. I want to make a bunch of little socks to stick on it, though. It'll be fun.

Jeremy's parents picked me up a gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts but it hasn't come yet. Once I get that I'll be buying yarn from them, but that'll be the last of it. Blue Moon Fiber Arts seems to be really slow on the orders and doesn't update the order status much, which is kinda annoying.. Oh well. I'm not really worried about it yet given how long my last order took to get from them.

I'm still waiting on a swift and ballwinder (!!!) from KnitPicks and then that'll be it for my birthday. Good stuff. I also got a $50 gift card to Barnes & Noble from Jeremy's uncle Brad, and I'll be spending that later on. Probably on knitting books. Yay.

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