Saturday, October 04, 2008

The big spinning post

I've done more spinning today; I finished up the 4 oz of roving I had and then I plied it.

My first plied yarn

Navajo Plied. Don't ask me if the Navajo actually plied like that, I've no idea the history behind it. Once I get a PVC pipe niddy noddy made and get that wound into a skein (and the twist set, etc) I'll post another pic so you can see the "better" parts of it. The most visible stuff in the photo is obviously what I spun first (and thus plied last) so it's not the "best" part of the yarn. I'm still practicing.

Here's my fiber "stash" in picture form...

High Bid Merino
Same as what I spun the yarn with just different colors

High Bid Farm Merino
What the yarn above looked like before it was spun

Plain vanilla, will use a little bit for thrummed mittensl; Cormo wool I believe

Merino/Bamboo Blend

100% Merino
Merino, color not very accurate

There was also an ounce or so of blue wool I spun up but haven't done anything with (Not much there) so it's just sitting on a bobbin.

I also took photos of a couple other pretty things from my stash. Daffodils Tussah Silk that I got for my birthday from Jeremy; He got it from here. And some merino/tencel in a nice blue color that I got from Woodland Woolworks when I ordered the springs for my Ladybug.

That being said, I still haven't thought of a name. I was thinking Virgo but I don't think it really fits her. Jeremy said I should go with Eglantine (what the kitten would have been named if he were a girl) or Nessie (because both the loch Ness monster and sheep happen to exist in Scotland). He also suggested "Beck" because it has a "turntable" but I thought that was a bit of a stretch.

We're going to the Hilton Apple Festival tom- well, today, actually. I'm going to get some apples and maybe some other stuff depending on what is there. Hopefully it will rock hardcore.

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JC said...

I love the merino and bamboo! It's simply gorgeous!