Thursday, October 04, 2007

Squirrelly Swedish Mittens

I had to rip these things back a few times because I really didn't feel like doing colorwork for the mittens but the cabled tries I had just weren't working out- then I found the Squirrely Swedish Mittens (pdf) and I fell in love, and I already had some colors to use so.. I started on those.

Squirrely Mitt
1x1 ribbing on us0 needles with the Mountain Colors Bearfoot- I started the 'poles' section and decided that the needle size was too small- this pic was taken right after I switched up (just started knitting with the larger)

Squirrelly Mittens Progress 2
Starting on the Squirrel section

Progress: Palm
Palm side- I picked this one to be the palm because there is a section in the repeat on the Bearfoot that matches the knitpicks gloss I'm using, so I picked the more prominent squirrel side to be the back. As you can see I've tucked under the ribbed cuff- looks great

Progress: Back
The back. There are a few sections of the deep red in the bearfoot that have snuck over on this side but it's OK.. The squirrels are the most important part for me.

Are they not so adorable? I finally cracked down last night when I said to myself "ZOMG I NEED TO HAVE THESE FINISHED ASAP!" Hahaha. I'm glad I found something I'm really happy with.

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